Program Execution

At Envision, program execution means providing a full turnkey service to ensure that projects are completed on time, to budget and with the right delivery of design intent.

Our responsibilities typically include design detailing, fabrication and installation, together with ongoing services such as technical support and digital content management - all coordinated through professional project management services.

We share responsibility for efficient ROI of large-scale multi-project budgets, helping organizations achieve strategic results. Our program management managers are senior staff, many who have worked both client and supply side at senior levels. They manage the interdependency between the projects, communicating with a deep understanding of the overall vision.



Project Management is a team affair, ensuring the experience of all our senior-level staff at Envision is built into the management of every project. Our project managers have professional designations and are chosen for their assignments based on the relevant experience they bring to the job specifics.

Project managers utilize cloud-based PM tools that Envision has customized to be particularly effective. Allow us to provide a sample of our project management methodology; like our many prized customers, you will feel secure knowing your projects are being managed by Envision.




Great fabrication is based on a thorough understanding of the project details, including timelines, materials choices, craftsmanship, cost analysis, and installation and usage requirements.

The value of the intelligence gathered during the strategy and design phases of our project process is strongly leveraged as we go into fabrication. With this well-organized level of detail in hand, the project management team can select the experienced fabricators that make up the production team and manage the process in great detail. Over our eighteen years, Envision has developed many excellent relationships with fabricators in a wide variety of materials, and through years of delivering large sophisticated projects together, our systems have been expertly coordinated to eliminate errors and provide the assurance of fabrication excellence.




It has been said that “quality lives in the details”, and that is best applied to installation. From packaging to loading, and transport to offloading, what might appear to be a simple process actually requires significant forethought, experience and skill.

Once on-site, installers are highly trained craftspeople that work in busy environments under time constraints, to provide perfect installations. Once again, our earlier levels of preparation provide the basis for a great installation by taking the unexpected out of the equation.




From our many years as pioneers in the development of digital signage, we created a process for the design of technology. Our process always starts in the same place: understanding the content strategy and what type of interaction or message is being planned for. From there, system design ensures the appropriate technology is deployed to ensure the right level of specification to get the job done.

Integrating technology into fixtures is complex, and ensuring system stability through careful material selection and system design is a critical part of delivering design intent to a workable system that can be deployed as a one-off or to a national network of digital fixtures.




Our data management systems are based on eighteen years of managing large-scale deployments of signage, fixtures and technology. We have collaborated with our customers to understand their evolving need for timely accurate and easily accessible information from the field. Together we are pushing the boundaries, on concepts like Mass Customization to deliver the right message, right time, right audience, and delivering powerful sales to enhance customer communication. Simultaneously, our data solutions deliver operational efficiency, through compliant, efficient and accurate process, which includes success measurement to drive spend rationalization.

Wayfinding Management Software (DMOS)

Wayfinding systems contain significant amounts of complicated data. From the outset of a project involving the design of the signage solution and initial implementation, through to the ongoing operational change management, time management, accuracy and cost are all deeply enhanced by efficient wayfinding data management.

Working together with our clients, based on both their needs and our large multi-faceted team’s many years of experience, Envision has pioneered the development of DMOS: Data Management Of Signs.

Large-scale environments like hospitals, universities and banks use DMOS and together we are constantly adding enhancements and efficiencies. For a demonstration of the system or assistance in determining if DMOS is right for you, we are pleased to provide a free consultation.

Merchandising Asset Management Software (MAM)

Our proprietary MAM application is an extension of Envision’s wayfinding data management system and was developed to help large organizations manage signage and fixture assets deployed across the geography they operate in.

Together with our customers, we developed MAM to enable customers to improve planogram effectiveness, compliance, initial rollout and ongoing maintenance efficiency. In particular, many of today’s fixtures contain significant digital signage, both ambient and interactive that requires enhanced in-situ knowledge to ensure optimal performance and manage costs.