The visual expression used to integrate the brand into a transformative environment must reflect the desired brand attributes in an emotionally compelling and visually memorable way.

To do this, our designers begin their creative process, which is fuelled by the narrative principles in the Strata document. Envision’s team of industrial designers, graphic designers, environmental designers and motion graphic specialists is fine-tuned from years of experience to enable the development of inspired and artfully differentiating environments or fixture design that pushes customer engagement and brand style into contemporary and sustainable design solutions.



Branches and stores are journeys to fulfill quests. In today's interconnected world, the journey often starts with brand engagements well before the store and branch, which makes the touch point continuity all the more important.

Our process identifies the themes that make up your branded customer experience and leverages that identifiable essence in the design of your stores or branch.

The result is unique customer experiences and best-in-class operational efficiency.




Beautiful donor walls and environmental graphics are a key deliverable of our services to hospitals and universities. Our designs integrate interactive and ambient content, together with mobile and the latest technologies. The result unveils donor recognition stories that resonate with donors and drives critical donor recognition and brand communications programs. With our turnkey capabilities, the possibilities of uniquely expressing your brand throughout donor recognition are limitless.




We specialize in providing comprehensive wayfinding design services for large-scale sophisticated environments. We deploy our proprietary project-tested process to efficiently manage our turnkey offer from strategy through to implementation and ongoing support. Our experience spans traditional wayfinding systems to complex modern systems that fully integrate digital technology within the built environment.




All design projects begin with an astute and comprehensive understanding of all stakeholder objectives. The stakeholder group is often diverse, from the product groups that pay for the fixture to the store where it lives, through to the staff who sell from it, the staff that maintain it and of course the most important, the Customer. More often than not, there may be a digital aspect - either ambient or interactive, each with their requirements. Ultimately, the fixture is designed to fulfill specific objectives, which we consider through four different lenses: Sales & Service, Brand & Ambiance, Product Presentation and Operations.




Uniquely choreographed brand and product promotional messaging consistently delivers better customer experience and sales measurement. We understand the value exchange that must exist in successful messaging experiences that customers value and eagerly engage in. We provide many years of experienced creative services and best-in-class implementation engineering to deliver powerfully communicated message programs.