20 VIC Management Inc.


Design, Build + Install, Digital Integration


Mississauga, Ontario


Real Estate, Retail


20 VIC Management Inc. were looking for a digital directory solution that could be deployed across Canada as they renovate their signature shopping centre properties. They were anxious to avoid a “cookie cutter approach”, and wanted to work with a design/build firm to produce a standard directory chassis that could then be customized to match the fit and finish of each of those properties. This strategy achieves a high standard of design finish and individuality whilst still benefitting from economies of scale in engineering and fabrication.



20 VIC Management Inc. chose Envision to design, fabricate and install the digital directories. Envision started out by engineering a standard chassis design, which was carefully thought through for fabrication, shipping and installation costs. Applying this design to the initial property at Erin Mills Town Centre, Envision worked closely with 20 VIC and architects of record MMC to create custom finishes of Corian and stainless steel for the 11 double sided, 55” screen directories, which were installed in November 2015.

Following the successful installations at Erin Mills Town Centre, the design is now being applied to other signature shopping centres in the 20 VIC portfolio as they undergo redevelopment.

“Working with the team at Envision has been a rewarding endeavour. The design concepts presented and the ease with which the various departments worked together were a refreshing change from companies we have dealt with in the past. Once finished, installation was seamless and the finished product looked great and was well received by our customers.”

- Mark Robinson, VP, Retail, 20 VIC Management Inc.